Office Visits

Cindy Pond is accepting new clients for office visits and phone therapy.

Face to face visits in the office are a time-honored tradition where you spend the hour focusing on your strengths, your challenges, your feelings and your hopes.  Together you and I will knit these pieces of your life together and will look for specific strategies and tips to help you redefine what you want from your life and from your relationships.

It can be an opportunity to see your thoughts from a different perspective. Talking about things that you have kept inside can be a cathartic experience, letting go of pent up emotions.  Clients often feel like a huge weight has been lifted off their mind.

Couples can benefit from a neutral party.  This means that both sides can air their views while the therapist helps them see arguments from the other’s perspective.

By sharing your feelings openly, you begin to feel less alone with your problems and it becomes easier to cope in everyday life.  That’s how we know that we are making progress!

Your face-to-face sessions in the office are nearly always covered by your medical insurance.

If you can’t make it to the office, then be sure to see my page on phone therapy.  Avoid the wintry weather, the stairs and the ice!  Sorry, this is only rarely covered by your insurance.